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Electronic Timing System

The ChampionChip Electronic Timing System developed in the Netherlands utilizes Texas Instrument Transponder Technology. "Chip" Timing provides accuracy never before possible for road running and triathlon events. The "Chip" also can be used to provide accurate splits for all the participants in an event.

How The System Works

Each entrant will be issued a "Chip" at registration. Each "Chip" is unique with it's own I.D. code. The "Chip" contains a Transponder similar to the ones found in the Easy-Pass.

Runners will attach the "Chip" to their shoe by lacing the "Chip" through their shoe lace.

When runners cross the finish line they will be running over special rubber mats that activate the "Chip", identify the I.D. code, attach the race time and transmit the data instantaneously to the race result computer for printing.

"Chips" then are collected after the runners cross the finish line.

The Cost of the System

The cost of the ChampionChip system to Finish Line Road Race Technicians is over $60,000. Finish Line will not pass on the cost of the system to it's races or their runners. But!, we must pass on the cost of the "Chips".

Each "Chip" cost $30! Races will be able to rent "Chips" for their participants at a cost of $1 per runner per race. Finish Line is required by contract to pay this fee to the parent company - ChampionChip of North America!

Runners who do not return their "Chips" at the finish line will be charged $30! All "Chips" must be returned to be used for the next events.

Beyond The Finish Line

Besides finish times, the "Chip" can provide a wide range of services never before possible at road races and triathlons.

With the use of additional mats, splits for ALL of the runners can be provided. In addition, Swim, Bike, Run, and all transmission times can be recorded for every participant in a triathlon.

Which Races?